Tips to customize your Trip

Dear Client, here are some important information and tips that you need to know to create an ideal program to yourself or to your clients.

We take care of all of the logistics of your tour in Israel and Palestine that we refer to in our programs as the Holy Land. Such as * Flights (optional) *Accommodation * Tour Guide for all of the trip *Transportation * Assistance at the Airport * Entrance Fees *Meetings with locals if they are requested * Voluntary work * Customizing your program and more …

  •  Programs are designed according to the travelling dates and time of arrival and departure.
  • We build up your touring program in the Holy Land according to how many days you are spending here, and your interests and your budget as well.
  •  Prices of the hotels are different from a city to another, and of course according to their classifications. Most often clients stay in two regions when they tour the Holy Land (North and South) while they are touring the Holy Land.
    In the south: usually groups stay either in Jerusalem or Bethlehem.
    There are very good hotels in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, but the is a quite big difference in the prices of the hotels between the two cities, Bethlehem Hotels are cheaper!

In the North, we use often the hotels in Nazareth and Tiberias, prices of hotels in General are little cheaper in Nazareth!

  • Some sites and churches may be closed in certain days, and there are opening and closing hours to most of the sites and churches.
  • We use professional tour guides only, and if you recommend a certain tour guide we at East Wind Tours could book your recommended guide to your tour with us.
  • We take care of all your requests, so your good experience in the Holy land is so important to us. For Catholic groups, we will organize daily Holy Mass and each day the Holy Mass will be in a different significant Holy site. Baptists, Evangelicals and protestant in general, we will arrange a communion for you at the Garden tomb in Jerusalem and any other experience that you wish to have.
  • You let us know what would you like to do in the Holy Land and we will arrange it to you.
  • We have partners in Jordan and Egypt, so any extension there will be worked out through our office at East Wind Tours.

Church leaders: send us an email and get our best offer for your next to tour.
Travel Agents and tour operator: We are your partners for growing sustainable business in the Holy Land and Middle East.