The Negev

Sites to visit:

  • Arad: a Canaanite stronghold and a biblical town. It became a major city because of its location.
  • Beer Sheva: a human settlement that goes back to the early Bronze age. It is a biblical town associated with Abraham (Gen 15-28:10)
  • Avdat: the most important city on th incense route after Petra, between the 1st century BCE and the 7th century CE. It was founded in the 3rd century BCE, and inhabited by Nabateans, Romans and Byzantines.
  • Mezpe Ramon: Located in the heart of the Negev desert. It is considered the world’s largest Makhtesh. This crater is 40km long, 10-2 km wide and 500 meter deep, and is shaped like an elongated heart.

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