The Coast

Sites to visit:

  • Jaffa: an ancient city with the oldest harbor. It is mentioned in many documents, including the bible. In the New Testament, it was the place where Peter lived at the house of Simon the tanner. (Acts 9:36, 42; Acts 23-10:54; Acts 13-11:4)
  • Caesarea: the capital of the Romans in this part of the Middle East and the second most important city, after Damascus. It was the first city to be built away from fresh water springs and had the first man made harbor in the world. It became the center for the growth of the church after the resurrection. Most of the Crusaders arrived to Palestine though its harbor. (Acts 23, 14-25:11)
  • Al Muhraqa: Located on Mount Carmel, which is one of the holiest mountains in the region, It is the site of the confrontation between Elijah and the priest of Baal. (2Kings 18)
  • Stella Maris: a Carmelite Monastery built over the cave where Elijah lived on Mount Carmel. It has an amazing panoramic view of Haifa and its port can be seen from the top. (Joshua 19:26; Jeremiah 46:18)
  • Akko: located on the Mediterranean Sea. It is fortified with walls from four sides and has notable remains from the Crusader era, such as the temple tunnels and walls. The caravansary and the Mosque of Ahmad Basha, who defeated Napoleon in the 18th Century, are located here.
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