Our Hospitality

Tens of civilizations settled down in our land, leaving tons of ruins and sites, later the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob lived here, the prophets and the kings, and later the king of the kings was born here… then Jerusalem became the third holiest place for Muslims. All of this history makes this land very unique and special… visitor and pilgrims came through the history to see what they are interested in… the Jews went to the Holy temple, and the fortresses that witnessed the Jewish history in the land, Christians came to see Bethlehem were Jesus was born, Jerusalem where the lord was condemned to death by Pilot and crucified at the Golgotha… Muslims also came to visit Al Alqsa, the place where Prophet Mohammad prayed during the night of Al Isra’ wal Miraj Night Journey that Prophet Muhammad took during a single night around the year 621were Prophet Mohammad came and prayed. Meanwhile our ancestors were watching over those people waiting for them to come, to share their faith and stories with them, to show them the way and tell them what they know and what they heard from their fathers about these sites, women at homes were cooking to sell their food to the travelers, and fishermen made picnics on the sea side.

We were the first nation in the whole world to receive tourist the whole year around, hospitality is a part of our culture, and we love to practice it. This is why East wind is here…..

We do not just do it…we are excellent in doing it…