Food in the Holy Land

Food is a special expression of the Middle Eastern culture. We share many traditional dishes with the countries that surround us, like Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria. If you travel in any of these places you will enjoy delicious foods like falafel, sfiha, tabouli, hummus, baba ghanoush, and shawermah. These foods are typical here and you will find them in your hotel and in almost every local restaurant. But there are other dishes, unique to the local people that you may miss if you don’t ask your guide or a local about them. Our own cuisine also includes amazing dishes like musakhan, mansaf, kebbab, stuffed grape leaves, and the famous makloba (upside down) and of course Kenafa,probably the best dessert in the Middele East. We at East Wind Tours and Travel always make sure that our clients get to experience all the wonderful flavors that make our land so special!